Some may already know what VPN means. However most people who go online don’t know why we need VPN service. It's so popular in these days that Individuals utilize VPNs to gain access to a network resource while they are not on the same locations. VPN becomes a such very efficient method to encrypt communications and bypass an untrusted public network.

We know exactly what consumers want - that is the reason we create this online VPN system for people all over the world to take advantage of VPN technology for their daily internet activities. It's FREE VPN with 24x7x365 ONLINE time and absolutely SAFE service, guaranteed.

Online VPN Accounts ( Upgraded )

US VPN Server: us.vpnonline.org
US VPN Server IP:

UK VPN Protocol: L2TP VPN
UK L2TP VPN Secret: vpnonline.org
UK VPN Server: uk.vpnonline.org
UK VPN Server IP:

VPN Username:  vpnonline.org
VPN Password:   freevpn

VPN Bandwidth:  10Mbps Up/Down

What can you do with the online VPN connections?

1. For better accessibility purposes.
2. To bypass regional limit and restriction.
3. For file downloading and streaming.
4. To enhance security and enhance safety.
5. To become anonymous and hide IP address.
6. To unblock censored social media sites.
7. To gain real-time access to overseas.

To know more about the details, check our Why Online VPN page.

Note: To use the VPN online service, you MUST AGREE that: you won't use the free VPN connections to  attack, hack, scan or break into other computers, servers or websites; you won't use the free VPN sessions to distribute viruses/trojans/worms or pirated copyright materials; you won't use the free VPN accounts to generate fraud transactions and abuse credit card payment systems; you won't use the free VPN services to send unsolicited/fraudulent emails or submit illegal web posts; you won't use the online VPN to engage in child pornography activities; you won't use the online VPN servers to encourage criminal or terrorist activities.

If you violate our terms and use the online VPN for illegal or criminal activities, your privacy and anonymous privilege are not guaranteed any more, your VPN access logs could be exposed to 3rd party authorities like police department or law enforcement agencies if needed.

Reminder: Every time when VPN is connected online, before browsing any website, please visit http://www.MyIPLocation.net first to confirm that your internet address has been changed to our VPN IP, this will always ensure that you have a safe and well protected internet surfing experience!